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Dad told me this morning that he was proud of me. Proud that I'm using the Baskin Robbins theory. lol. Yesterday, I had it lined up to hang out with three different boys.

I started out the day going to Barnes and Noble with Brett so we could buy Screwtape Letters for our literary discussions. We looked everywhere and couldn't find it, it was hilarious. I finally just asked someone and we got the last two paperback copies. :D Then we sat in his car for a couple of hours and talked. That kid is my soul twin. We could talk forever. We're way too alike. Then I said goodbye because I was supposed to call Rob. I called Rob, and he needed to go through all his paperwork to apply for his visa. So no hanging out with Rob. :( I started reading Screwtape and texted Brett about it, and then we decided it was too deep to discuss via text, so he came and picked me up and we sat in the eatery at Maceys, eating ice cream and discussing letters from a high-position devil to his novice nephew. And then we ended up recalling the first times we met and talked and how we became really close friends overnight... it was funny.

Came home in time for Nick and Cory to pick me up. Haha, those guys make me laugh so hard! Nick used to work at Maceys, but didn't work for long. Long enough for us to become friends, lol. We picked up pizza and a movie and then went to his house and played Brawl. I've been waiting forever to play that game! It was fun. Nick told me I was the best girl he'd ever seen play it, and I was way good. lol! That makes me happy, because I'm not actually that great, but I was able to keep up with them for the most part. I love impressing boys to an extent. XD And then Rob came over! And he played with us. Then another guy came over and we started watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Wow. It was so dumb, but a lot of fun. Some great quotes. "But Bill! Those are some -historical- babes!" lol! Rob had to leave after the movie... I wish he'd stayed, 'cause then some of Cory's friends came over and I observed how incredibly shallow and dumb and -mean- guys can be! The two guys that came over only knew two adjectives, I swear. "Ugly" and "Hot". All they talked about were these girls that met at EFY, and they mostly just bashed on all the ugly girls in their group, while texting the one hot girl they'd met. I wanted so badly to warn that poor girl to run away while she could. Boys are -dumb-!!

Nick kept looking over at me apologetically. I think he was really embarassed by them. He says he doesn't hang out with them much, Cory invites them over sometimes. Good. Don't taint yourself by association, Nick! lol. But I was sitting on the couch, talking to Nick, and then his younger brother, probably not much younger than I am, passed behind me and went up the stairs and Nick was giving him this look. Nick: "My brother Jordan thinks you're my girlfriend..." XD I guess Nick doesn't actually hang out with girls that much! I don't know why. He's hilarious and quite good-looking. But because I hung out with him... Jordan thinks I'm his girlfriend. It makes me laugh. Nick made sure there were, like, five million pillows between us on the couch. lol.

Next time I hang out with Nick, those two boys will not be around. Nick will kick them out for me. :) I wish Rob hadn't left, though. He's my fellow mighty mormon! Oh well. It was all good. Rob and Nick are the greatest. Sorry if this is completely pointless to read. I think I'm just talking to talk.

But enough about boys. Well, never enough, but I'll stop anyway. Graduation! It was actually really good. Not even boring. I got my hat knocked off twice by a beachball, though. Texted Brett during the whole thing. Sang "Peace Be With You" for the last time. Got to stand as one of the top 12 GPAs in the class. It was good. And now I'm... graduated. No more high school. It's the "real world" now.

Hah, I told Ryan something at work. I told him "They can't throw me out into the real world! I'm too young! I'm too stupid!" And it's true! I'm the future? I'm tomorrow? Oh boy, they're in trouble. At least I've got Charlie to show me the ropes. Thank goodness for Chuckaroos!

I'm done rambling now. I love you guys! Be excellent to each other! And party on, dudes!
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27 May 2008 @ 01:41 pm
It's all coming to a close so quickly. I have one half-hearted week of high school left, and then it's gone forever. The friends, the classes, the life.... I know college will be a blast. I'm excited for it. But I was really getting used to high school.

I'm making progress in my life. On Sunday, I took a big step. For the first time, I actually told a guy I liked him. Well, not a guy. The guy. I told Tyson I liked him. Of course, the text essentially went like this:

"Okay, so I know you know I like you. I really like you, Tyson. And I was pretty sure at one point that you liked me too, but now I'm not so sure what you think of me. If you just like me as a friend, that's totally fine. I just need to know the honest truth."

His reply took a few minutes, but it came. "It's true i did really like you and it's not that i don't like you now, but i like you as a friend." And then he said he still wanted to be friends, really good friends, and we could still hang out and stuff. It was a huge relief, finally asking him about it. Last Tuesday, a friend had told me she asked him, and he had prettymuch said that. It was heart-crushing then. But talking to him about it was good. I can do friendship. :)

Our Prom pictures are way cute, though.

I'm hanging out with Rob on Thursday.... And Zac's in town again, so we might hang out tonight. Senior Dinner Dance is Saturday. I spent all weekend texting Brett. He was my coach. He helped me through the whole Tyson thing. That kid always knows what to say. He's this insane asian who's super-talented and seems like a total goofball, but is truly one of the most amazing people I know. I value this sudden, random friendship I have with him. I texted him till three in the morning Saturday night, planning out how I would text Tyson. Then I made him stay up while I unpicked the hemming on my choir robes and skirt till midnight last night. lol. It's always nice to have someone to talk to. He's a good someone.

Well, that's all I can think to say. If you guys have any questions about my life lately, ask away! I'd be glad to tell you all! lol.

To think how much I've grown this year. I'm pleased, still unbelieving, still needing growth. Thinking about college, I feel so young and immature. Am I ready for it? I guess I'll have to be. It's coming.

It's coming.
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26 April 2008 @ 04:35 pm
I am sitting here... waiting for a phone call from Tyson so he can actually invite me to play racquetball. X3 This whole process of tonight's thing has been so complicated, and now Tyson and I can only participate in the part I didn't really wanna do. But I'll take it anyway.

Rob went through the temple this morning. He says I need to get married quickly so I can see how amazing it is. XD I seriously love that kid.

And Andrew's girlfriend keeps telling me that Andrew and I would be the perfect couple. Uuuuh.... He's your boyfriend.... XD She's so sweet, though.

I worked today... Filled 24 bags with pebbled ice for an hour. Bagged for maybe an hour. Did go-backs the rest of the time. It was heavenly.

I have homework... I'm kinda hoping it'll magically end up done. It usually does.


Tyson never called... So I called Nicole, who just got off the phone with Johnny who'd just talked to one Tyson who can't make it to racquetball after all. And he was supposed to call to tell me this, which I think would be ridiculous since he never called me about this date anyway, and we've never spoken a word to each other about it. This whole thing was planned through Johnny and Nicole, so why should we have to talk about it now? XD

I can't stop laughing. My life is so... ironic? I dunno. These things happen to me. So it's hilarious. And now I'm going to the dance concert with Brian, and then I want to go to Maceys and visit Rob. This should be good.

...Is something wrong with me? When things go wrong, I laugh. I laughed when Pistachio died. I laughed when Felicity crashed into the garage. I laughed when this date I've been looking forward to never happened for me. I think it's a good thing... Some weird form of optimism. But I really do see the humor in it, and it gives me a sort of adrenaline... Whatevs. This is awesome. You could seriously base a movie off my life.
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22 April 2008 @ 08:28 pm
AP. AP. AP. AP. AP. AP. AP. AP.AP.AP.AP.APAPAPAPAPApApApApApapapapapapapapapeyapeyapeyapeyapey.

AP makes me apey.

Anyway. Back to sanity! (or not).

I melted my snowman. My snowman in Frozen... Has been transferred to Grocery. That's okay. It's easier to talk in grocery when doing go-backs... =x But I must be good! Grah! He asked me to his Prom. Jordan Prom. I went, and floated on Cloud Nine the whole way. It was wonderful. I wore my grandmother's dress from the 50s and slow-danced crazily to upbeat songs. I also got jipped out of a couch seat at the end of the night, and therefore my hand-holding. I remain determined to hold that boy's hand. So I'm asking him to Spring Fling... ^__^ Whoever thought a beautiful boy could like a girl like me? But I'll take it. With all my heart!

Andrew's decided he needs to fix his life, so he's going through a lot of stress right now. I'm so proud of him, though. He's a good kid, he just needed a little push in the right direction. I'm just glad we're good friends and that I've been able to be there for him, to show him the happy side of life. To show him the truth and reality of the gospel. To show him that good mormon kids can still be fun and cool. To show him what life should really be about. Oh, my dear Andrew. I would take a bullet for you. I want the best for you (and then some).

Party with Yuriko on Thursday! I'm stoked. *dances*

Blagoslovi duche moya, Gospoda.
Gospodi bozhe moy, voz velichil sya yesi zelo.
Vois po vedanni ye iv vele lepout oblek sya yesi.
Blagosloven yesi Gospodi.
Nago rahk stanut vody.
Posle degor proydut vody.
Divinya dela tvoya Gospodi.
Vsya premu drostiyu sotvo rilyesi, sotvo rilyesi.
Slavati Gospodi, sotvo rivshemu, sotvo rivshemu vsya.
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26 March 2008 @ 03:58 pm
I want to go back! Sure, the prices are beyond ridiculous, and I'm exhausted and my feet hurt... But Tour was too fun. I loved it.

Screaming California is the greatest. Especially when you ride in the front. Oh my, tears streaming from your eyes at high speeds! I LOVE it! And Indiana Jones was so awesome! Seriously. Disneyland is great. And getting stuck on Space Mountain was fun. Wicked was amazing to see. Beyond amazing. The harbor cruise was kind of boring, though we did see a seal. Seal Beach was fun, but mostly cold. I got sprinkled with holy water at the Catholic Mass... It was a neat experience. And it really strengthened my testimony. And sleeping on a bus is way easier after four days of Disneyland than beforehand.

Wow. And I never thought I would, but... I almost had a RoT. Romance on Tour. Except he has a girlfriend and I have a Tyson and we both knew these things. We just hung out a lot. Enough that a couple of people asked me if we were going out. XD And he's a sophomore on the Bandestrazz side of things.... Weird, eh? Kid in my seminary class. Makes me laugh. Good ol' Andrew.

If any of you want to know more tour details, give me a call. I'm sure I could rant about everything forever. Especially Churros.

Tyson works tonight. :3
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02 March 2008 @ 06:17 pm
Do you ever just need to talk? Not just talk, but talk talk talk. Fill the silence. Fill that void talking. But you have to have someone to talk -to-. You always need that girlfriend's ear you can blab off about nothing and everything! Well, now I have to wait until the fireside is over so I can finish talking to my cousin, and Trisha had to cut me off because she got to her grandma's. And now I'm stuck with unfinished words. Sure, I've told the story, but I need to go beyond that. Words can't express how I feel sometimes, but I still have to talk about it.

Well, my hair is short. And cute, I must say. Why did I ever grow my hair out? To donate a foot of it, I guess, and then lose four inches more in the styling process. It was definitely a good move, though. I haven't missed my hair since.

And boys. Boys boys boys boys. One boy in particular. I'm in love with a snowman. Sideburns and clear blue eyes and the most sincere of smiles. He is Mr. President. He is number ten of eleven kids. He is going to get me fired one of these Thursdays, 'cause I spend all my time back in Frozen talking to him. Talking about absolutely nothing. I love it. I love talking about plums and peanut butter and Screwtape Letters and nothing and everything, but at other times it drives me nuts! Because I want to know things about him. I want to tell him serious things. But not really. And then when we talk, the conversation goes wherever the wind blows... Which made asking him to hang out really difficult. Had to do it twice because we got off-subject the first time.

But he's gorgeous. And Stettsen is my man who'll do anything to help me with this. He found out for me that, yes, Tyson likes me, and I was on Cloud Nine for a week. A boy! A boy likes me! A boy I crushed on first likes -me-! And he's gorgeous. And he's absolutely smart. And he's spiritual and kind and polite and maybe as inexperienced in this sort of thing as I am. (And there's the problem-- he's also a guy, so he's dumb, so I have to figure out how to make these things happen. I don't think I'll be going to Jordan's Prom unless I get Stett on this.) But I like him. I really do. And last night we established an out-of-work relationship by hanging out. Saw August Rush (beautiful movie). And... That's that. (No boy should ever look that good covered in snow. But he did. And with that beautiful grin he told me: "It's snowing.")


And then there's my sister that I desperately need in my life. I've always told her what's going on... But I haven't seen her in over a month now. And it's killing me. And I need her. She needs to know these things because she's my sister... But by knowing these things, she wouldn't think I was her sister anymore. No one in this house ever wants to hear about Tyson. It's all they ever hear about. But it's all I ever think about! And I know she won't really care about it either, but I still need her to know. I like a boy and he likes me back and now we're stuck talking about plums moving nowhere. And that's it, but she needs to know.

Oh yeah. Don't let me forget to tell Rochelle about Rob in Grocery.

Rob: So, are we gonna hang out before I leave on my mission?

Me: Sure. If you want to.

Rob: Yeah.

Me: When are we gonna hang out?

Rob: When you call me.

Me: I'm, uh... Not gonna call you. I don't call boys.

Rob: How about.... You call Rob?

Me: XD How about you call me?

Rob: 'Cause I don't have your number.

(Like I have -his- number)

Me: I can give it to you.

And then we found the Coconut Milk and I put it back and... the conversation changed. What a funny, curly-headed blond guy. Good ol' Rob. Good ol' Grocery Guys.

Well, thanks for listenin'. I need to talk. And maybe permanent words will help... I just feel words slipping away all the time. I've written so many poems with the word "frozen" in them lately. Maybe I'll end with one of those. One I wrote last night. Oh oh oh. Don't you know how hard we crush? Do you guys feel this way to? Sigh. Thanks again. Sorry I don't update you all enough. Sorry I don't even have an internet life anymore. I love you guys.

I recognized you from the distance,
Walking towards me
(notably graceful)
And blue eyes beaming.
You were outlined in snow,
And I waved you over
(notably clumsy)
Out of the falling snow.
But oh! You wore it so well!
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11 December 2007 @ 03:53 pm
Go back in your LJ and post the first sentence(-ish) of the first post in every month from this year.


( Hillcrest High Mourns Loss of Coach Takeno ) Yeah, it's kinda depressing... But I wasn't horribly sad or anything. It's just -weird-.


Kidney stones a couple of years ago... Then heart problems last year, and this year it's appendicitis.


Holy toleeto, sister! How many times can you post in between my LJ checkings?


Well, I've been convinced to ask the guy I like to Spring Fling.


Well, I got answered last night (though I found the answer this morning). Turns out someone beat me to the asking. There was a smidgeon of sadness... But mostly relief.


What do you do when you've been putting things off for so long and then time comes that you no longer have an excuse? My life's in lingo right now, between hectic school/work schedule and summer schedule.




ohmyfeet. This has got to be the worst part of dating. The date's not so bad. Not bad at all! It's the ASKING that's SO HARD!!! But why?!?!


Oh. My. Skin.


1. I came down with a cold today. I don't like this. >:0


2. Trooping as pirates last night was fun, but the best part was when the ticket box guy asked Kenz if she had a Myspace. XD Macro will ensue!


Living is a thrilling thing. I'm living right now-- breathing it all in and out.
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11 December 2007 @ 03:36 pm
Living is a thrilling thing. I'm living right now-- breathing it all in and out. Life is so busy; I rarely get vacant moments anymore, but that's all right, because I like it that way. I like having things to do (though some things I definitely prefer over others).

So, 33 on ACT = Full Heritage Scholarship to BYU. They've admitted me already, too.

I'm 18.

Finally, a boy took me on a date! Kudos to Paul. I love the Bourne Ultimatum.

By doing a lot of work in yearbook, I've earned a lot more responsibility and respect. Freeman told me I'm prettymuch the Design Editor of the yearbook. It makes me happy that he thinks I have a good eye for design, and so I do a lot of work on the pages. Frezoid and I are tight.

Choir is too much fun, though we aren't good enough yet. Tonight we perform at the Assembly Hall downtown! Wish us luck; our first time performing "Senex Puerum Portabat." :3

I don't want Waldo/Eric to move. =( We get to guest star in Sammy and Sally Sophomore because we happened to be bagging when they came into Maceys filming it. :D So excited!

Get to make the video for Seminary Council, too. Don't know how I'll do it in three days, but I'll manage.

Got Misha's invitation! Almost fainted at how gorgeous she is and how perfect she and Eric look together. Misha, darling, congratulations! You'll have beautiful, blonde, elven children!

I'm just glad I've found my niche, at least in high school. We'll see how well I adapt to college. I think going to the Singles' Ward Prayer is helping with that, though. I love all those mid-20s kids.

((Ooh! And checkout my new layout. Huzzah.))
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29 November 2007 @ 05:00 pm
Three things that scare me:
Unexpected deaths, earwigs, Becky Bentley

Three people who make me laugh:
Charlie, Stettsen, Taylor

Three things I love:
my family, the gospel, the english language

Three things I hate:
Trix commercials, Christmas music before Thanksgiving, the degenerating grammar of our generation

Three things I don't understand:
Acrylic paints, football, malicious girls

Three things on my desk:
Crime and Punishment Essay Question, Trisha's thumb drive, a giant magnifying glass

Three things I'm doing right now:
Thinking of motifs that support the theme in my Crime and Punishment essay, smelling the upcoming dinner, shivering

Three things I want to do before I die:
Get married in the temple, have children, write books

Three things I can do:
Write, bag, love people

Three things you should listen to:
All American Rejects, your mother, the spirit

Three things you should never listen to:
Degrading language, middle school choirs, Satan

Three things I'd like to learn:
How to manage my time, how to do cool stuff with calculus, linguistics

Three favourite foods:
chili verde, avocados, cactus fruit

Three beverages I drink regularly:
water, apple juice, milk

Three TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid:
Power Rangers, Pokemon, Samurai Pizza Cats

Three bloggers to tag:
You and you and you!
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12 October 2007 @ 07:13 am
1. So, life is going well. It's still busy. I need to find a peasant costume, learn Beauty and the Beast stuff, and apply for college by the end of this month, which is already almost halfway gone. Poo. Where does time go, anyway?

2. I love Crime and Punishment. But unlike you, Sierra, I don't love Raskolnikov as much as I love RAZUMIHIN! Ah, he's hilarious and just so sweet and amazing and.... psychic or something. He's deep, but you wouldn't think it when he's calling Raskolnikov a "queer fish."

3. I shouldn't like my job this much, but I really look forward to work. I wait all week for it. X3 Paul still hasn't given me the cds he burned for me... But he has told me that if he went to Hillcrest he'd ask me for a dance. Was shocked that I've never been asked before. Well, a dance is just a hyped-up date! You can still ask me on a date, Paul. XP But Stettsen's a donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, Paul's a blueberry cake donut, I'm a Danish, and Tyson's a turnover. And apparently he hates turnovers, so now he's the villain because he hates himself. And the last thing Anne and I are supposed to think before we retire to bed at night is: "Paul's lips are nice and moist." Wow. We get way too slap-happy. And I did my first eight-cart run last night! Would've been much easier, though, if that stupid car wasn't right in the way. *grumble* That was -not- fun to go around. And Stettsen and Paul are jealous that I've never been yelled at by a customer before... But who would yell at a sweet little girl like me? lol

4. I was Stud Posse'd a week ago. So remember when I mentioned a bunch of guys from Hillcrest randomly showing up at Maceys? Lucas, Cameron, Jeff, Taylor, and Pascal? Well, they're the secret organization called the "Stud Posse" and they give cookies to girls. It's cute, sweet, and we love them. Last Friday, I found some cookies and a note on my doorstep!:

Every time we walk past you in the hall, we almost faint because of your beauty. If we avoid you for the next few weeks it's because we don't want to faint and bump our noggins. :) We love you. Please date us. yes, it sounds a little creepy, but that's why we got you these treats!
Stud Posse"

Yes, I love those boys. They've made my year, lol. They're too good to me.

5. Conference weekend was awesome, but I still need to watch the first session. Go President Eyring! Woohoo! And I'm so glad Britt and Dan came and watched!! Exciting. <3 Speaking of... Canyon tonight! Yaaay!


What Flavour Are You? I taste like Peanut Butter.I taste like Peanut Butter.

I am one of the most blendable flavours; I go with sweet, I go with sour, I go with bland, I go with anything. I am practical and good company, but have something of a tendency to hang around when I'm not wanted, unaware that my presence is not welcome. What Flavour Are You?
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