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26 April 2008 @ 04:35 pm
Lists of thinking.  
I am sitting here... waiting for a phone call from Tyson so he can actually invite me to play racquetball. X3 This whole process of tonight's thing has been so complicated, and now Tyson and I can only participate in the part I didn't really wanna do. But I'll take it anyway.

Rob went through the temple this morning. He says I need to get married quickly so I can see how amazing it is. XD I seriously love that kid.

And Andrew's girlfriend keeps telling me that Andrew and I would be the perfect couple. Uuuuh.... He's your boyfriend.... XD She's so sweet, though.

I worked today... Filled 24 bags with pebbled ice for an hour. Bagged for maybe an hour. Did go-backs the rest of the time. It was heavenly.

I have homework... I'm kinda hoping it'll magically end up done. It usually does.


Tyson never called... So I called Nicole, who just got off the phone with Johnny who'd just talked to one Tyson who can't make it to racquetball after all. And he was supposed to call to tell me this, which I think would be ridiculous since he never called me about this date anyway, and we've never spoken a word to each other about it. This whole thing was planned through Johnny and Nicole, so why should we have to talk about it now? XD

I can't stop laughing. My life is so... ironic? I dunno. These things happen to me. So it's hilarious. And now I'm going to the dance concert with Brian, and then I want to go to Maceys and visit Rob. This should be good.

...Is something wrong with me? When things go wrong, I laugh. I laughed when Pistachio died. I laughed when Felicity crashed into the garage. I laughed when this date I've been looking forward to never happened for me. I think it's a good thing... Some weird form of optimism. But I really do see the humor in it, and it gives me a sort of adrenaline... Whatevs. This is awesome. You could seriously base a movie off my life.
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mishanoke: looooovemishanoke on April 26th, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
*giggles* you're very special Nep, in such a good way, never forget that, okay? *loves!* ...Felicity crashed into the garage? o.o;
neppiechan: hot cocoaneppiechan on April 27th, 2008 03:45 am (UTC)
Hehehe, long story. And I still don't think she likes having it brought up.

Thanks, darling. *loves back* We can be good special together!